The sixteenth episode of the anime.


Zagato informs Princess Emeraude that he is using mind control to send one of the Princess' own swordsmen to kill the girls. She begs Zagato to stop, but he doesn't listen.

Meanwhile, the girls are traveling to the volcano-like shrine to revive Hikaru's Rune God, only to be attacked by a large flying bird. They try to fight it off with their swords, but it's no use. It then takes a hold of Umi, who loses her swords and flies off with her.

Fuu tries to return Umi her sword, but Umi's sword turns into water when Fuu tries to pick it up. Fuu only has one choice, and throws her own sword to Umi. Umi catches it, but is too heavy. She tries to hold onto it, but drops it instead.

The bird continues to fly, and a man appears and kills the bird. Hikaru and Fuu catch Umi, and she comments how heavy Fuu's sword is. Fuu then holds it, noting it's light as a feather to her. Then they soon realize that the swords have been made specially for each other, and them alone. Anyone else who tries to use them won't be able to.

Once she's recovered Umi wishes to thank the man who rescued her, and they see Lafarga standing before them. He then proceeds to attack them, and manages to trap Umi and Fuu.

Hikaru and Lafarga battle, and Hikaru manages to hit his sword far away. Lafarga over powers Hikaru, and tries to use her sword against her, but get burned in the process.

Lafarga's memories slowly come back to him, and he asks them who are they. They respond they are the Magic Knights, and he is amazed. He too, being the Captain of the Royal Guard, tells them he will find a way to help them save Princess Emeraude, and wanders off, while the girls head to revive Hikaru's Rune God.


  • End Game Choice: Mokona
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