This is the fourth episode.


The girls run into what seems to be a deserted village. They are captured in a net, and find out that the villagers were hiding from the monsters corrupting their land.

A monster then appears, forcing the villagers to go back into hiding. The girls get the monster's attention by hitting it when it goes after a little girl. The monster attacks them, accidentally setting them free and Hikaru defeats it with her magic.

Umi is happy, and suggests hurrying to get to Eterna to get Escudo, but is suddenly attacked out of nowhere and falls to the ground. Hikaru runs to Umi, only to be challenge by Alcyone, who was the one who injured Umi with her Ice Arrows. Alcyone is confident of beating them, but Hikaru's anger only makes her stronger.

In the middle of the fight, Umi slowly wakes up, and sees Hikaru battling for her sake. Umi turns to Mokona and wishes for magic, which Clef proceeds to teach her, communicating through Mokona. Umi stands up, and casts a "Water Dragon" spell that blasts Alcyone, who retreats. Umi once again falls down, and Hikaru goes to her. Hikaru thanks Umi for saving her. Fuu then wishes for magic to save Umi and, as with Umi, Clef teaches her through Mokona. She then casts a "Wind of Healing" spell that heals Umi.


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