Title: Bal (manga) / Shoukanshi(anime) - "summoner"


Ascot in the art book

Ascot (アスコット Asukotto?) is a young child with the unusual ability to summon monsters (called a "Palu"), whom he considers to be his friends. Although hideous, they have no ill will, but villagers still fear them. Thus, Ascot was driven away until Zagato offered to give him and his friends a home in exchange for serving under him. In the anime he destroys Presea's house with his monsters, and essentially causes her death. Later, he confronts the Knights again (their first encounter in the manga), but Umi slaps him for using his friends and causing them pain. Then she lectures him about standing up for his friends. This causes a change of heart in Ascot and he then forsakes Zagato. In the second series, he has used the power of his own will to make himself into a teenager, making him much taller,because of his love for Umi. While he still summons monsters, he has learned other spells from Clef to avoid using his friends as living weapons.

Love Story

In the anime he is able to tell Umi his feelings before she leaves to fight Tarta. Umi replies that she loves him as well, but just as much as everyone else in Cephiro, and that she didn't have any romantic feelings for him. This saddens Ascot a bit, but he still tries to win her heart later on.

In the manga he still pursues Umi during her visits to Cephiro, asking if she has a boyfriend. As Umi and Clef's romance is non-existant is the manga, it is strongly implied that there is a budding relationship between Umi and Ascot near the end of the story.


He is named after the Honda Ascot. Voiced by Mona Marshall and Minami Takayama.

He has summmoned the following creatures;

  • in order of their appearance (these are the monsters he summoned to fight the Magic Knights)

Atalante (named for the Bugatti Type 57S Atalante)

Pajero (named for the Mitsubishi Pajero)

Vigor (named for the Acura Vigor)

Duesy (name for American manufacturer of race cars and luxury automobiles Duesenberg)

Capella (named for the Mazda Capella)

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