(Otozamu) is one of the countries invading Cephiro in the second half of Magic Knight Rayearth. Its invasion force is led by Eagle Vision, the son of Autozam's president. Autozam was the country that Lantis stayed in the longest after leaving Cephiro.

Characters that represent Autozam include Eagle Vision, Geo Metro, and Zazu Torque. What commonly seen in their cultural fashion is that they wear this mind control headgear that aid them to ease or secure their life.

The country is rich in living green crystals (see Command and Conquer's Tiberium) which where harvested to produce metals which were used in space travel. It has a second layer sphere and megastructure buildings that reach the heavens.

NSX and FTO are the technological outcomes of what Autozam can produce to create.

Country Based Image:

Autozam's culture is based on the USA and Europe.

Car Counterpart:

Of the same name, it is named after a line of Mazda cars (

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