(カルディナ Karudina)  is a dancer who works for Zagato in the first part of Magic Knight Rayearth until Fuu defeats her. She returns in the second part along with Ascot and Lafarga and apologizes to to the Magic Knights for her previous actions. She is originally from Chizeta.

Zagato hires her as an assassin after his other minions fail; in addition to her dancing skills, she is an accomplished illusionist and hypnotist. In the anime she has great affection for Ascot, whom she treats as a naïve younger brother, and she joins him in deserting Zagato. It is revealed in the second arc and season that she is native to Chizeta. It's also been shown that Caldina is incredibly good at cards and other games of chance. Caldina hypnotizes people by making the red jewels on her gloves,earrings, and shoes flash and send out bell sounds.

Romantically, Caldina becomes involved with Lafarga in both versions of the series.

Tsubasa Chronicle - 47 - Large 17

Caldina in Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles.

Caldina also appears in Tsubasa -RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE- as a bartender.


  • She is named for the Toyota Caldina.
  • The Tokyopop 10th anniversary translation of the manga gives her name as Gardina.

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