Lady Debonair

Lady Debonair (デボネア Debonea) is an anime-only character who is the head antagonist of the second season who awaits the day when Cephiro will crumble due to lack of support from Princess Emeraude.

Debonair was in fact, called into being by the darkness in the hearts of Cephiro's citizens, and as such has tremendous power that she wants to rule over Cephiro. She is not present in the manga, which instead focuses on the battles between Cephiro and the three invading countries of Autozam, Fahren, and Chizeta.


Debonair has a blue complexion, and matching hair color. She has extremely long finger nails, broad shoulders, and blue eyes (though they become white with black slitted pupils when she is annoyed or enraged). Her outfit consists of a large gold headress embedded with jewels and long pieces of gold hanging down. Her dress is black and frilled at the neckline. She wears a white cape.



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