This is the third episode.


While travelling to the Spring of Eterna, the girls run into a young man named Ferio who saves them from a monster. Ferio then offers to be their guide to get out of the Forest of Silence. They say no, and try to lose him, but he still follows them.

The girls then discuss about him being their guide, but they can't trust him, due to the fact he is still a stranger. They let him be their guide and use their food as payment since they have no money.

We then find out that Ferio was an entertainer, and Princess Emeraude saved his life when guards thought he stole in the castle. Princess Emeraude then told the guards that it was a gift to him. That's why he is on the quest to save Princess Emeraude.

They then take rest in a large tent/room, thanks to Mokona. Hikaru wants to give Ferio food, who is outside, but Fuu tells Hikaru she'll do it. The reason is, Hikaru is too kind, and might invite him in to stay with them.

Outside, Fuu gives him the food, and Ferio asks her to stay with him while he eats. She blushes and rushes back in.

The next day, they look upon a lot of monsters surrounding a rock. They come up with a plan for Hikaru and Umi kill the monsters while Ferio and Fuu destroy the rock.

Hikaru and Umi kill a lot of monsters, and Ferio charges forward to the rock. Suddenly he is frozen. He tells Fuu to not come closer, because the rock creates monsters. Fuu stands afar, and manages to get a clear shot, hitting and breaking the rock.

Hikaru and Umi stop attacking the monsters, when they turn back into their true forms.

At the end of the day, they are out of the forest, and thank Ferio for his help. Ferio then gives Fuu the gift that Princess Emeraude gave him. Umi is excited about the gift, but Ferio reveals Fuu gets a gift because he loves her and runs off.


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