This is the seventh episode.


Clef calls out to the girls and tells the, with each earthquake that happens in Cephiro it means that Cephiro is falling. If Cephiro falls completely, they cannot go back to their world.

He then tells then to become a Magic Knight, they would need to awaken the Rune God. Mokona knows the way to each one

Ferio sees Ascot, planning an attack on the girls, and he tricks Ascot, by saying he would want to help. Ascot doesn't fall for it, and tells him if he could, bring the girls to him in the desert, where the monster would hopefully kill them.

Ferio meets the girls, and lure them into the desert. The monster attacks, but Ferio finds out from Ascot, the monster can attack by sound. Using the orbs, the magical walkie-talkie like devices, Ferio calls the monster and lures it away from the girls.

A small monster then gives the message to the girls, saying that Ascot has taken Ferio. If they want to save him, they need to go to the desert.

They decide to sleep on it, thinking he would be safe. Fuu doesn't think so, and sneaks out in the middle of the night/early morning to save Ferio.

Her sword grows in the process, and she manages to kill the monster, called Pajero. Ferio tells Fuu, if she hadn't notice by now, the orb is a communicator, and if she needs to talk to him, call him.


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