The fourteenth episode of the anime.


After battling a fierce monster, the girls discover that Mokona is able to project a map of the land of Cephiro. They soon find out that they need to head for the skies for the other Rune Gods.

Soon after a bright light appears, kidnapping Umi and Fuu. A projection of Clef appears and tells Hikaru how there are unusual monster in the world, and the flash of light may be one of them.

Hikaru remembers the map, and Mokona projects it again. She heads towards Umi and Fuu's way and manages to get cut along the way due to thorns.

Mokona catches up with her, and notices the blood. Soon after the light is after Hikaru, but Mokona pushes Hikaru out of the way and in he goes into the light, while Hikaru falls into a ravine. Hikaru climbs up, and falls down, and manages to get hit in the head by some rocks. She slowly figures out of the light monster works, and remembers that Umi and Fuu were bleeding at the time they were kidnapped.

Injured but still determined, she reaches the top. The light then comes after her, and with her sword she kills the monster. She faints, as Umi and Fuu awake from their sleep like state.

Hikaru slowly wakes up, and Umi and Fuu are extremely happy she is not dead. Hikaru then explains about the monster and it's attraction to blood. Fuu then heals all of them, and they look onto the mountain holding the next Rune God they need to get.


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