Lafarga (ラファーガ Rafāga) is the Captain of the Guard and charged with protecting the Pillar.


Although Cephiro is mostly peaceful, he kept himself busy slaying the occasional monsters that would appear. In his takeover of the country, Zagato hypnotized him into trying to kill the Magic Knights as a last-ditch effort to stop them before they challenged him personally, He is a very strong opponent, despite not being a magic user, but the girls managed to bring him to his senses. He goes against Zagato roughly at the same time Hikaru must meet Rayearth, and she in fact manages to summon her Mashin while trying to help Lafarga fight Zagato.

In the second part of the story, he is romantically involved with Caldina. While he possesses no magical ability, he is a devastatingly powerful swordsman.


Lafarga shot


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