This is the sixth episode.


Ascot sends caterpillar-like creature off to kill the Magic Knights. He then decides to take a nap while his creature kills them.

The girls arrive at Presea's house in the Forest of Silence and give her the Escudo, along with their weapons. Presea starts to make their new weapons in another room when they hear the monster. The girls tells Presea to take care of making the Escudo weapons, while they handle the monster.

The caterpillar attacks the Magic Knights, who are somewhat successful in defending themselves, but it then turns and heads into the house, going after Presea.

Weakened by the effort she exerted, Presea finally completes the Escudo weapons, but the monster breaks into the room immediately after. The building starts to crumble because of the damage done by the monster and the ceiling falls on Presea. The girls enter the room right on the monster's heels and see Presea under a piece of the ceiling. The girls call for their new weapons and use them to kill the monster. They all rush to Presea who is at her last breath. She dies and Hikaru swears to avenge her.

Ascot wakes up from his nap and calls for his creature, only to find its remains in the ruins of Presea's house. He swears he'll avenge the creature's death as well.


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