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Mokonaモコナ」 is a small, puffy, bunny-like creature that is featured in many CLAMP crossovers. What exactly Mokona is, is unknown. Mokona only uses the word "puu" accented in different ways and body language. He is later revealed to be the creator of Cephiro and Earth.


Mokona resembles a bunny at most, white and fluffy with long ears and feet. It's noted by Fuu that he is seemingly elastic and bouncy. A circular, red, magic gem adorns his forehead. He does not have paw pads, but rather a singular pink pad on his feet and paws. He also has a small tail, which mostly goes unnoticed since he's just all fluff.


Cute, affectionate, and mischievous, Mokona is the perfect adventure companion. He assisted Hikaru, Umi, and Fuu on their quest to become Magic Knights, and was there for their every need, except during battle. Using the gem on his forehead, Mokona magically created things for the girls that they'd need on their quest, such as shelter (or more accurately, a miniature hotel room), food, and transportation.

He genuinely cares for the girls, expressing sadness and concern for their well-being on their quests. Despite running away from battles with monsters, Mokona did bravely sacrifice himself to save Hikaru from being captured by the monster made of light, which had already gotten Umi and Fuu. Mokona is really known for being mischevious; he frequently teases Umi, and the fairy Primera when she'd try to interfere with Lantis and Hikaru.

An observation about how Mokona's behavior changes throughout both seasons, he starts off as cute and chirpy like a wild animal, and transitions to being cute and easy-going.


Mokona was first introduced to Umi, Fuu and Hikaru in the abandoned house located in the middle of The Forest of Silence, where Presea also lives. It can be assumed that Mokona was sent to be with Presea until the Magic Knights came to Cephiro to fufill their destiny.

Mokona and Presea seem to get well along, as Presea jokingly teases Mokona about how she'd punish him when she discovered him making a mess of her study, either by seeing how far his ears could stretch or hanging him by his feet.


Manga Plot

In the manga, Mokona is a creature given to the Magic Knights by Guru Clef, who himself was given it by Princess Emeraude as a means of finding her.

Mokona True Form

For the most part, Mokona's goal was to show them the way to Emeraude, and for comic relief. However, in the second season of the manga, Mokona's true identity is revealed during the all out fight between Chizeta, Fahren, Autozam, and Cephiro - Mokona is the Creator of Earth and Cephiro. Seeing how not all people were happy on Earth, Mokona created the Pillar System in Cephiro to make all people happy. Mokona sends Hikaru Shidou and Eagle Vision to Earth to decide the new pillar.

When Hikaru turns out as the new Pillar, she attempts to bring Eagle back, while Mokona reveals that the loser, Eagle, would disappear; as Hikaru struggles, Lantis, Umi Ryuuzaki, and Fuu Hououji try and persuade Mokona to open the gate. Mokona finally opens it, and the three pull the two competitors out of Earth.

After Hikaru decides to destroy the Pillar System and make Cephiro's happiness their own, Mokona returns back to old 'Puu'ing Mokona. Mokona and the three Mashin leave Cephiro to begin a new world.

Anime Plot

In the anime, Mokona was the same as before however, unlike in the manga, Mokona did not create Earth and Cephiro or able to communicate. Mokona also remained in Cephiro at the end of the anime. Mokona's role in the 'Rayearth' OVA is quite minor, primarily limited to acting as an intermediary the first time the Rune Gods speak to Hikaru, Fuu and Umi, plus gifting each with their Ovum Gem, which acts as a symbol of their pact with Lexus, Ceres and Windom respectively.

Equipment and Abilities

Mokona can create things with the red magic gem on his forehead. He can also project images, or messages through the gem. Mage Clef would contact the Magic Knights through Mokona, because he was turned to stone. He's also able to create a strange, winged contraption that could carry the Magic Knights over distances they could not get to on foot.


Hikaru Shidou

Mokona always sleeps with Hikaru during the night.

Umi Ryuuzaki

He teases her the most.

Fuu Hououji

There is not much interaction between the two besides cuddles, but Fuu seems to understand most of what Mokona is saying.





  • Mokona Modoki, two characters that appears in CLAMP's other works, xxxHOLiC and Tsubasa RESERVOIR Chronicle, were created by the two series' Yuuko Ichihara and Clow Reed after meeting the original, albeit with slight differences. It was also Mokona who provided Yuuko and Clow with the knowledge of alternate dimensions.
  • He is first seen in season 1, episode 2.

Image Songs

Mokona no Ekaki Uta ( The Mokona Drawing Song) Mokona Ondo de PuPuPu no Pu ( The Mokona Marching Song with a PuPuPu and Pu) Romansu no Mori ( Forest of Romance)