The tenth episode of the anime.


The girls reach a lake, and Mokona reveals that a Rune God rests within it. They travel underneath the water, to a place with air, thanks to Mokona's magic.

Umi doesn't feel good, and starts to glow. She wanders off, and suddenly they notice a painting of a blue dragon, and Umi is cut off from Hikaru and Fuu behind when two large doors appear.

Ascot then arrives with another one of his monsters, and battle the Hikaru and Fuu. They don't injure it much, but Fuu points out the glowing jewel on its head, and Hikaru breaks it. The monster becomes stunned, and Ascot comes out.

He then goes on a tirade about how they all killed his monster friends. Hikaru tells him if they were his true friends, he would not hurt them or harm them by sending them into fights they couldn't win. The monster wakes up, and starts to go berserk on them. Ascot runs away, while Hikaru and Fuu fight it off.

Meanwhile with Umi, the dragon tests her, by telling her to show her courage of the heart. She hear the screams of Hikaru and Fuu, and suddenly the doors disappear. It tells her to run away, but she doesn't. She wants to help them, she charges for the monster, but it fires back.

Fuu then casts a new spell, "Protecting Wind" to protect Umi. Fuu then collapses, and the monster goes for Umi. The monster then goes for Hikaru after she draws it's attention when hitting it with her "Red Lighting."

Hikaru collapses, and Umi is crushed. She tells the dragon, if acquiring the dragons power means running away, she doesn't want it. She wants to help her friends and rather die in the process of helping them.

Suddenly the dragon turns into what looks like a robot, which defeats the monster. The machine then reveals the truth to Umi, she showed her true courage, and tells her she is not yet strong enough to wear him. Only when she becomes a true Magic Knights, will she be ready to dawn him in battle.

He then turns into a ball of light and proceeds to enter Umi's armor, where it starts to grow. Hikaru and Fuu's armor proceed to do the same. The girls are only one step closer on saving Cephiro.


  • End Game Choice: Mokona
  • The name of Ascot's monster is Capella.
  • Umi is the first to receive her Rune God, Celes.
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