Three Legendary Rune Gods (Selece, Rayearth, Windam)

Rune Gods, or Mashin are used as mecha throughout the series by both antagonists and protagonists, such as Princess Emeraude's Mashin and Nova's Regalia.

The Three Mashin (Rune Gods)

The Three Mashin (Rune Gods) are the three legendary guardians of Cephiro. Umi Ryuuzaki's is Selece (also known as Seles, Celes or Ceres in early translated versions), who first appears as a large blue dragon; Fuu Hououji's is Windam, a great green four-winged bird; and Hikaru Shidou's is Rayearth (Lexus in the OVA series), a wolf with a mane of fire. The three are old and ancient, and are in fact mecha used by the Magic Knights to help them combat Zagato and ultimately kill the Pillar.

The three Mashin are able to combine into a greater and much stronger Mashin (unnamed by the authors, but sometimes named by the fanbase as "Combined Rayearth" or "Big Rayearth"). In the OVA, the combined mashin is named Rayearth. The "Rune God" name was only used in the official English release of the anime series. "Mashin" has a bit of a double-meaning; it is katakana for the English word "machine", but is a homonym of the Japanese word for "evil spirit". They also feature as "Kudans" (a kind of protective spirit) in Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle, also by Clamp. Rayearth is assigned to Syaoran, Selece to Kurogane and Windam to Fay.

In the ending of the second and final part of the series, Mokona and the rest of the Mashin declare that they will be travelling to other universes. This could explain their appearance as Kudans of the characters of Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle. Specifically, Rayearth appears as a flame wolf to Syaoran, Selece as a blue dragon to Kurogane, and Windom as a four-winged bird to Fay.

Rayearth is voiced by Lex Lang and Hideyuki Tanaka. Selece is voiced by Terrence Stone and Tesshō Genda. Windam is voiced by Lex Lang and Akio Ōtsuka.




  • "Mashin" is a pun on the word "Machine", which are mechas.
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