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Magic Knight Rayearth is an anime that first came out in 1994 and the first season has 49 episodes.

The first season of the series starts off with three girls, from three different schools, visiting Tokyo tower, coincidentally at the same time. When they happen to be close enough to each other, a bright flash of light appeared to them with the image of a young girl that tell them, "Please, save Cephiro, Magic Knights." The girls, Hikaru Shidou, Umi Ryuuzaki, and Fuu Hooji, are suddenly out of Tokyo tower and falling out of the sky of a strange land. They are then saved by a giant flying fish. They immediately notice that they are not in Tokyo anymore because earth doesn't have any mountains in the middle of the sky.

The fish took them to a Master Mage Clef who explains to them that Cephiro was a land of beauty. But one day, the High Priest, Zagato, took their leader, Princess Emeraude and imprisoned her. Only Emeraude's prayers can keep Cephiro stable but now that she has been weakened, monsters have been roaming the land and threatning the people while Cephiro is, literally, falling apart. No swordsman has ever been able to defeat Zagato in order to save princess Emeraude; many have tried but all of them have failed.

The girls decide to become the Magic Knights because unless they save Cephiro, they can never return home.

Master Mage Clef bestows magic to the girls. The ability to control fire belongs to Hikaru, Umi gets chosen by water magic and Fuu uses wind magic. Clef teaches Hikaru how to use magic but before he could teach Umi and Fuu how to use their magic, they were ambushed by one of Zagato's minions, Alcione, who was a student of Master Mage Clef.

Clef makes the girls escape on a giant bird and tells them to go to the Forest of Silence where the Master Smith, Presea to make them weapons,especially for the Magic Knights, made out of a special ore called, Escudo, which the Magic Knights have to go find themselves. Alcione continues to pursue the Magic Knights but then Zagato comes and turns Clef to stone.

When Alcione catches up to the girls, she uses icicles to try to stop them but she is immediately defeated by Hikaru, who used the fire magic "Fire Arrow." They head over to the forest and find the house where they find Presea.

All of that happened during episode one