The nineteenth episode of the anime.


The girls start to head towards the flying mountain in the sky along with the Rune Gods Celes, Windam and Rayearth. They remember the good times they'd had, and some of the bad since they'd arrived in Cephiro. They then receive a message from Princess Emeraude, telling them to grant her wish and save Cephiro.

They finally reach the flying mountain, only to find Zagato in his own Rune God, blocking their way and preventing them from going any further. They at first demand he release the princess, but he refuses. He then claims that he will kill them all.

They fight, and Zagato holds firm. Injuring them all, but when it looks like they they'll fall, the girls and Rune God's combine all of their powers into three spells, Red Lighting, Dragon Water, and Green Gale. They fire their super spell at Zagato, and it manages to destroy his Rune God facsimile, killing him.

Meanwhile, in her prison, Princess Emeraude screams in horror as she realizes that Zagato has died.


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