Tarta of Chizeta

Tarta(タータ Tātais the hot-headed princess of the planet Chizeta.


Tarta and her sister were on a mission to conquer Cephiro and expand its territory. She is especially good at sword combat and can summon the djinn Rakoon. She wants to rule Cephiro as the Pillar to give a better quality of life to the people of Chizeta, since their planet is too small.


In the anime, she has a friendly rivalry with Umi Ryuuzaki; when each of the Magic Knights are taken to one of the invading countries, she and her sister face Umi aboard their battleship.



Tarta has reddish hair pulled into a thick braid at the top of her head. She wears a sleeveless orange top that stops under her chest. She wears gold and orange cuffs along her arms. Tarta wears a orange bottem and a yellow half skirt along the back of her waist. She wears matching earrings and a choker.


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