Tatra of Chizeta

Tatra (タトラ Tatorais the older twin sister of Tarta.


Tatra is the calm and seemingly airheaded older twin sister who, when focused, is in fact a formidable warrior. She can conjure the djinn Rasheen to do her bidding and go into battle for her, or choose to use a whip against her enemies. According to Tarta, Tatra is in fact the best fighter in Chizeta.


In the anime, Tarta, along with Tatra, captures Umi and develops a short friendship.



Tatra has long untamed reddish brown hair and greenish blue eyes. She wears a sleevless yellow top that stops under her chest with puffy white sleeves cut out. She wears white pants with a yellow skirt that goes halfway around her legs that she can pull off. She wears a matching choker and headpiece.


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