The Anime series first episode.


During a field trip at Tokyo Tower, three girls from three different schools are transported to a medieval-like land named Cephiro. The girls introduce themselves as Hikaru Shidou, Umi Ryuuzaki and Fuu Hououji, who are all in the 8th grade regardless of how they look. They are then greeted by a wizard named Clef.

Clef explains that their ruler, Princess Emeraude, was imprisoned by the High Priest, Zagato, high above the skies of Cephiro. Clef explains that their world was never like this before, that it's stable with Princess Emeraude's prayers holding everything together. He then explains that Princess Emeraude made it clear they are Legendary Magic Knights, who are destined to save their world. He then explains that they cannot leave until they fulfill the Princess' wish. Clef asks if they can use magic; when they say they can't, he grants it to them and begins teaching them.

Watching from his fortress, Zagato sends Alcyone to stop the Magic Knights. Clef sees Alcyone, and she attacks. He blocks the attack and fends off Alcyone as he sends the girls away on a griffin. His last command is for them to go west to the Forest of Silence, to Presea's home.

Alcyone goes after them, while Clef thinks about how they would do against Zagato. At that moment, Zagato shows up and fires a spell at Clef. Clef is turned into stone, and Zagato's spell manages to break the ground around him. Clef begins to fall off the cliff.

Alcyone charges towards the three. After a few attacks, Hikaru finally stands up and uses her "Fire Arrow" spell to defeat Alcyone.


  • Hikaru's first spell is introduced. The English dub uses the same name as the Japanese translation, which is "Flame Arrow." In Japanese, the attack is called "Honouou no ya."
  • The year the story takes place is 1994, the same year it was first aired on TV.
  • End Game Choice: Hikaru
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