The twelfth episode of the anime.


The girls are walking, when Mokona tells them to go up. Mokona then reveals a Rune God is up in one of the flying mountains.

Caldina and Ascot manages to catch up with them. Caldina tells Ascot, she'll take care of everything, and tells him to wait for her. Caldina uses a spell to make the girls think the ground is soft and shaky, and that large rocks are falling on them.

The girls panic, and fall to the bottom. They wake up and see a cave, when the ground continues to shake. Once inside, they see Clef, where he tells them he had save Princess Emeraude, and she wants to talk to them. Fuu isn't convinced, and warns the others.

They cautiously enter another room, where they see Princess Emeraude, and two guards with her. Fuu then questions how they could defeat Zagato. Princess Emeraude and her two guards then turn into monsters, and proceed to attack them.

Although the girls cannot hurt the monster, the monsters can hurt them. Hikaru, Umi and Fuu know it's only an illusion, and try to concentrate hard enough so that they won't get hurt. The monsters slowly disappear, but Umi is taken off guard, as she opens her eye. A monster proceeds to attack her, she screams, and runs to the door they came from.

Reality sinks in as they realize they are outside, high in the air, and fall to the ground. Outside, Caldina then breaks a piece of the ledge, and the rock proceeds to fall on them. Mokona awakens from being dizzy, and wakes up Umi just in time. She breaks the rock, and pieces start to fly towards Caldina, knocking her unconscious.

Ascot finds Caldina, and vows to kill the Magic Knight. He finds Umi and calls forth his monsters, who proceeds to grab the unconscious, Hikaru and Fuu. Umi gets upset and draws her sword right onto Ascot's neck. She tells him to put them down. Ascot angrily shouts about how they killed his monster friends, and Umi proceeds to slap him. She start to explain that he can't keep treating the way he has or more of them might get hurt.

The other girl wake up in the middle of her talk as Umi starts to explain how the girls, are her friends too, and would do anything to protect them. Umi then asks if they could be friends, and he agrees. She asks his name, and he introduces himself.

Caldina wakes up and sees Ascot. She notes that he's acting very strangely, and she wonders what happened to him.


  • End Game Choice: Fuu
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