The eighteenth episode of the anime.


Alcyone spies upon Zagato, as he talks with Princess Emeraude. She notices that he that not once does he harm her during their talk, they merely talk. Alcyone starts having doubts about Zagato's reason for his "kidnapping" of the princess.

Mokona leads the girls into a hot volcano where the last Rune God is being waiting. Umi and Fuu start to get worried about Hikaru when she begins acting strangely, and disappears before their eye's.

She wakes up in a room full of fire, then, out of the flames appears a wolf made of fire. It speaks to Hikaru, telling her he wishes to test her "courage of heart".

While this happening, Zagato manages to get inside the Volcano. He then follows where Hikaru had just went in. He strips Umi and Fuu's powers, just in time for Hikaru to get back.

Hikaru and Zagato talk for a moment, and he manages to take her power as well, and he fires a fireball towards Umi and Fuu. Hikaru shields them, and he tries to fire another. This time Lafarga steps in and shields Hikaru. Zagato hits Lafarga once more, and Lafarga starts to fall do to the heat.

Umi and Fuu slowly regain consciousness, and take notice of their surroundings. They both scream when they see Zagato standing before them ready to attack.

Suddenly Rayearth's voice can be heard, he then appears in front of them, attacking Zagato, who retreats. The groups magic is then restored by Rayearth, and the girls get back their powers.

Down bellow, they see Mokona as well as Lafarga, and are happy they are only a few steps away in saving Cephiro and returning home.


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