The eleventh episode of the anime.


The girls are flying off to the flying mountain, the very same mountain they first saw when they arrived in Cephiro. Inside the mountain holds the castle were Princess Emeraude is being held. When they almost reach it, they were attacked by Zagato, but then saved by Princess Emeraude.

Ferio, while resting, pulls out his communicator. He then gets a message from Princess Emeraude to save the girls by the lake of Piraus Village. He does so, and they take rest there for a bit.

Meanwhile, The villagers are being interrogated by a servant of Zagato's named Caldina, who then demands money in exchange for leaving them alone. However Caldina changes her mind, upon seeing the girls and Ferio when they enter the village.

The girls then tell the story of finding the first Rune God, and they are ready to save Cephiro. He then reveals that they need to acquire two more Rune Gods to complete their journey before they can save Cephiro. They are then attacked by villagers, and Ferio takes one hostage. The villagers then explain that a servant of Zagato was forcing them to do so. Ferio then comes up with a plan for her to leave them alone, as well as the girls can escape quietly.

Ferio goes to Caldina and offers her money. She isn't fooled by his offer, but he reveals he wants to play cards. Caldina can't resist such an offer, and agrees to play. She ends up winning all of his money, and they are interrupted by the villagers. They reveal the girls escape, and blame Ferio. One of the villagers then takes a knife and stabs him. Caldina is shocked by this, she takes the money and runs off. Ferio then stands up, as the villagers thank him.

Back at home, Ascot passes Caldina's room, and he reveals to her that he doesn't wish anymore to kill the girls anymore. She then tell him, don't let his troubles get him down.

Back with the girls, they rush off to find the other Rune Gods, as they exit the village. Fuu stops, and pulls out her communicator. She then gets a message from Ferio, saying their plan was successful and to call him once in a while, or he'd miss her.

Fuu starts to blush, and Hikaru and Umi notices it. Fuu then starts to walk the wrong way but Hikaru corrects her as Fuu laughs at her mistake.


  • End Game Choice: Umi
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