The ninth anime episode.


Alcyone manages to trick Ascot into freeing her from a barrier that was holding her against her will. Promising she would give power to one of his monsters so it would be strong enough to kill the Magic Knights.

In an open field, Umi is still obsessed with her fencing competition that would of been a week away at the time they arrived in Cephiro, even though days, or maybe even weeks have already passed by.

Hikaru suggests if you wish hard enough, maybe you can still make it to the competition, since Cephiro is a land of power. Both Hikaru and Fuu would wish for Umi too.

A few yards away, Alcyone gives Ascot the power she promised to his monster, "Luci", which not only over powers it, but freezes itself, as well as Ascot. Hikaru, Umi and Fuu see the snow storm blasting their way, and Umi makes a wish before getting hit. She wants to return to Tokyo.

Hikaru and Fuu suffer from hypothermia, and fall to the ground. Then Alcyone stops the weather and hopes that her plan on killing the Magic Knights worked. Until she realizes only two of them are present.

Umi wakes up back in the Tokyo, and notices no one is moving. She rushes to a familiar face, her fencing captain, but as she soon realizes, she is not in the real Tokyo. Things start to dissolve around her, as reality sinks in. She's still in Cephiro.

She appears before Alcyone, and the pair face off in a sword fight. Alcyone over powers her, but Umi is determined not to lose. She wishes to win, and her sword grows in the process. Umi uses her upgraded sword against Alcyone, which sends her running off. The sword manages to break the ice storm, as well as killing the monster.

After Hikaru and Fuu finally regain consciousness, they are relived Umi is unharmed. Umi then reminds them until they save Cephiro, they cannot return home.


  • End Game Choice: Hikaru
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