The thirteenth episode of the anime.


Caldina is determined to kill the girls in order to receive the pile of money shed been promised by Zagato. Ascot doesn't wish to harm the girls anymore, and tries to convince Caldina not to attack them but fails.

Caldina uses her "bells" to hypnotize Hikaru and Umi against Fuu. Fuu uses her magic to hold them back, but does not know that Caldina is only a few steps away. Caldina reveals herself, and forces Fuu to attack Hikaru and Umi.

Ascot blocks an attack, and Caldina stops and freezes him. Fuu manages to break through, and hits Caldina with a spell. A moment after, Caldina and Fuu start to talk. Fuu explains, even though they don't know each other well enough, she cares for them. Fuu uses Ascot as an example, and Caldina seems to understand.

Caldina unfreezes Ascot, and Hikaru and Umi wake up. They want to attack her, but Fuu stops them. She then explains everything about what just happened with Caldina. Caldina and Ascot then proclaim that they are not going back to the castle and run off.

Fuu then uses her spell to heal each other, and it's one closer step on bringing Zagato and his servants down.


  • End Game Choice: Umi
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