The seventeenth episode of the anime.


Again Inouva approaches Zagato and begs him to return him to his true form. To his surprise and much deliberation Zagato does, and Inouva, transforms into a large wolf-like creature. Inouva then leaves to go after the girls.

Meanwhile Ferio has been experiencing previously unknown memories slowly come back to him, and remembers that he is Princess Emeraude's younger brother. He then runs to find the girls.

The girls are surprised when they encounter Beast-Inouva and he reveals his true nature to them before attacking. The girls are not doing well, and when all seem lost, Ferio communicates thru the orb, and tells them that Inouva's weak spot is the jewel on his head. Hikaru manages to hit the jewel on Beast-Inouva's head, killing him. Ferio finally reaches them, and sees the girls triumph over Innova, and tells them to save Cephiro.

With everyone gone, Alcyone, begs Zagato to let her try and kill the girls one last time, but he just leaves her begging.


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